Millennials suck

Millennials suck. Since Millennials suck, their parents must suck, too. At first, I thought it was me. I thought I was seeing something in those kids in their early 20’s that I did not like about myself. Then we started hiring twenty-somethings to man our store. In New Jersey, it’s called being a Clerk. These so-called men, are Brats...pussies really. They might have a poor me story or more infuriating, a bullshit story of military experience. None of them can…

Scarcity – a poem

There was a time when fewer people had the finest and fanciest of things. Then there was a time when many could have the most of much. Then it all went away. Too many took too much and now there are so many without enough.

From the Daughter of a Vietnam Vet

Before they had a name for it we witnessed the effects of conflict on the human soul. What war really does to a person to a family. Now they call it PTSD. Childhood consisted of poppies & parades and visits to the VFW. We were told to hate Jane Fonda and forbidden to watch her movies. Family vacation included a visit to the Wall and no understanding why dad ran ahead crying. Only certain men were given hearty handshakes or…