April 25, 2017


Hate or Fear?

In recovery, the word fear is an acronym for either fuck everything and run or face everything and recover. I would imagine in some churches, face everything and rejoice. What about forgive everyone and repair or fight everyone and ruin. Fear is a general term, a reaction to a known danger. Anxiety seems to be a buzzword meaning fear of unknown danger. Neurotic is to behave as if the danger is happening right now. It is the nervous system working.…

Young Love

I had always been boy crazy. I remember the first boy I ever had a crush on. I was in third grade, Mr. Napello’s class. I must have been 8 years old. He was always in trouble. The boy whose desk was always out of place from the rest of the classroom. I don’t remember ever seeing him do anything wrong yet there he was, off to the side by himself. He rode his bicycle to my house once. I…

Scarcity – a poem

There was a time when fewer people had the finest and fanciest of things. Then there was a time when many could have the most of much. Then it all went away. Too many took too much and now there are so many without enough.

Keep, Toss, Sell

I need someone to come to my house and walk me through my wardrobe. Someone needs to explain to me why I have such a hard time letting go. Not of the individual garments but what each group of garments represent. I have, in my own time donated plenty of outworn not always outdated clothing. The tossing part isn’t the most difficult for me. I love the feeling of getting rid of ‘stuff’. It is a process and may take…