Millennials suck

August 16, 2017

Millennials suck. Since Millennials suck, their parents must suck, too.

At first, I thought it was me. I thought I was seeing something in those kids in their early 20’s that I did not like about myself. Then we started hiring twenty-somethings to man our store. In New Jersey, it’s called being a Clerk.

These so-called men, are Brats…pussies really.

They might have a poor me story or more infuriating, a bullshit story of military experience. None of them can remain focused on any task. None of them can do two things at once. From opening the store two hours late, never being on time, always with some device in their hand. No respect for authority yet so many of them claim to be or have been in the military. They need weekends off to see their girlfriend yet cry they are short on funds. They are always having car trouble and think they’re the only ones who have ever had to deal…with anything…ever.

And the arrogance.

And the mommies….calling me with threats of the state department. The Vape Industry hasn’t even been completely defined yet and they are running their mouths. Understand what I am telling you…Women with grown children are calling me, insulting me because I am a kick-ass business owner and their pussy ass dumb disrespectful twats for kids don’t like my AUTHORITY. If only I were a hitman…

They are given a list of tasks to do every day. Manual labor, also known as cleaning. They take it upon themselves to decide whether it’s necessary or not. Daily – I looked up the definition just to be certain that it means “every day” or “every week day”. Now I understand being so busy or even too tired and putting a task off until the next day. But to blatantly tell your boss that you willingly do not clean the floor every day because it doesn’t need it is just not acceptable. To refuse to sweep then mop because it’s a Swiffer just does not hold water.

I just remember always believing that you listen to your boss and do what your told. Every job has a description. Within that description are expectations of you as a paid employee. There are jobs that will never change with no room for advancement and there are careers with the potential to providing learning for a lifetime.

We opened the store two years ago and have been through many clerks. First there was Mike who came in late almost every day. He had to see his girlfriend on the weekends, go to school in the evenings and the National Guard once a month. Rob liked to promote products we didn’t carry, sample all the juice so he didn’t have to buy any and he liked to open bottles then lie about it…strange. He also took liberties like reaching out to juice companies for more samples. If I shared business goals with him he took it as if I was including him in the decision making. Gloria, I liked. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t think it a conflict of interest to start talking about making her own juice line. She was fired within 24 hours. I don’t know what happened with James. I think he got carried away with wanting to enforce the not yet finalized regulations.

Jesse – all I can say is Pain in the ASS. Tell him the music is too loud, he responded with, “oh my friends don’t mind”. Our shop became their hang-out. I have a $600 heating bill because of him. He truly cost us more money than he brought in.

Ryan seemed like a great kid, a little high strung but nice. He seemed to fall apart after a couple of his friends died in tragic accidents. We wanted to be understanding but you don’t tell your boss you need off from work to go have a kegger in the woods to remember your friend. He pouted because I took away the wi-fi from everyone since the pass word had been given out over 30 times. When we reached out to him to get our key back his mother had the nerve to call me, threaten to call the IRS assuming we didn’t pay our taxes, she mentioned the Better Business Bureau which makes absolutely no sense at all and insisted I was doing something shady. I fucking hate that bitch especially since I have bent over backwards doing the right thing with reporting our finances and gave her son a fucking job where he sat around most of the time.

Peter was reprimanded for leaving the counter unmanned and felt the need to leave. TJ just kind of disappeared.

Sean has a great work ethic with regard to his attendance and punctuality. His arrogant attitude, disrespect for my executive authority and incessant attempt at manipulating to get his way might serve him well in some other dimension but not in my store. There was always a question to my direction. I asked him if he knew anything about Pod casts. He asked if I meant YouTube. I asked if he had a Facebook account and he preceded to tell me he felt that no one uses Facebook anymore. Really? Then why did their stock go up $130 over five years? The worst however, was when I said there would not be a Memorial Day sale. He tried to tell me that personnel on military bases wish each other a happy Memorial Day that our freedom should be celebrated. I explained that Happy Memorial Day is a fucking oxymoron and equivalent to wishing a Native Indian a Happy Thanksgiving. It is to remember and honor the fallen. Our freedom should be celebrated every day. He completely disregarded my rule about no sale and continued to ask my husband what devices would be discounted. He tried to tell me that he spent a year in the military until he was medically discharged. He would never give any more detail than that. He would become very defensive and had the balls to tell me that he didn’t see me volunteering for the military so I shouldn’t have anything to say. He should have been fired right then and there but we gave him two more months until we couldn’t take him anymore.

The defiance. The blatant undermining right in front of customers. The opinions that were never asked for. The lack of direction. What is going to become of us who might need them as we age to support our economy? Please God, somebody help us.

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